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We are Darlene and Bruce.

We started making soap to deal with sensitive and dry skin issues. We live in Canada, and our winters are very hard on the skin as it's not only cold but also very dry.

We purchased some tropical artisan soaps while vacationing and noticed an immediate difference on our skin after using them. The skin remained moisturized, smooth and silky, unlike the dry feeling after using our regular store-bought soaps.

Our frustration with the soap we normally purchased from our local supermarket led us to research the ingredients to better understand what we were using on our skin. We wanted to know if there was a better solution to having to supplement soaps with creams and lotions in order to hydrate, moisturize and feed our skin. We thought this was normal! We were wrong!

Some commercially available soaps are not actually soaps, but chemical-based detergents. Soap is made from the saponification of natural oils, whereas detergents are actually manufactured using other chemical processes and may use petrochemicals. To be fair, some commercial soaps use saponification, but the manufacturer may separate out some of the natural glycerin in order to sell it separately as industrial lubricant, or package it separately into a skin moisturizer! The lack of natural glycerin in soap will leave the skin feeling dry.

We discovered the difference by using the artisan soap we purchased while on vacation, and by making and using our own hand-crafted soaps. We will never use commercial soaps or detergents again! Our skin won't let us!

If you have hypersensitive skin, using commercial soaps could be making the problem worse for you. We suggest trying a mild unscented soap like our Chamomile or Calendula soap. These soaps are crafted with the most basic ingredients and zero added fragrance, safe even for baby skin! Customers who have lost trust in soap have returned to tell us they were surprised by the difference, and how their sensitivities have subsided, and in some cases, disappear altogether!

Money Back Guarantee! Every individual is different and product results may vary. That's why we provide a full 100% money-back guarantee should the product you purchase fail to live up to your expectations. We ask that you return any unused portion with a note indicating how the product failed you so we may continue to learn and improve our products.

If you have questions please have a look at our frequently asked questions section, or drop us an email.

Darlene and Bruce.