Fragrance Diffusion

Essential Oil Diffusion 101

The diffusion of essential oils distributes essential oil molecules in to the air allowing the fragrance to be delivered through inhalation.
Diffusion permits you to fragrance your home with your favorite essential oil while taking advantage of the beneficial properties of the oil. The mind creates powerful connections between fragrance, memories and places from our past. Essential oils can trigger those connections bring peace of mind, and comfort. It also allows you to build strong memories and bonds for your own family and friends.
Ultrasonic Diffusers
One of the most effective method of diffusing essentials is via cold air ultrasonic diffusion. Using heat to diffuse essential oils is less efficient because overheating the oils via aroma lamps or candles will harm the oils rendering less beneficial. We offer a number of diffusers to choose from including portable USB diffusers which can be used anywhere there is a USB connection.

Diffusion Jewelry
Diffusion Jewelry allows you to wear your favorite essential oil by placing a few
EO Diffusion Pendantdrops onto a coloured foam pad that contained within a stainless steel pendant. We have a number of attractive and stylish designs that you can wear on any occasion. We have Pendants on Chains, Keychain pendants as well as pendants you can use in your car.